dd simple photo gallery is a wordpress plugin with gallery, photo and default settings management. it is very simple to use. you can create multiple photo album, you can upload multiple photo in each album and you can settings some basic parameters of album or gallery via plugins admin interface to adjust the plugins display layout with your theme display area.

1. download latest version of dd simple photo gallery

2. example

How to use:

1. Create a gallery

2. Add some photos on this gallery

3. Copy the gallery code from gallery listing page

4. Past the code on your wordpress page or post

5. Adjust the layout settings using default settings admin page

6. That’s it

7. Finally please check the directory “cache” file write permission wp-content\plugins\dd-simple-photo-gallery\include\cache is it writable or not? Make this “cache” folder write permission 0777

if you are a user of this plugins please leave a comment if there is any bugs or features, so we can fix or add it on next updated release.


first released version 1.0 on 12-Jul-2011