full team on a single desk for whole night!

full team on a single desk for whole night!
December 5, 2010 by Dropndot Solutions |
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making own site live within deadline isn’t really an easy work. Recently we are in a loop of failure to make our dropndot website live. after missing 3 deadlines today we are (our full team) on a single desk working for this whole night! trying to reach the site development at least on a level so it can be live after little touching. we are busy with clients for almost 24/7 (we sleep with works!) with the hope that may be we’ll be able to expend at least 2 hours/day for our own stuffs. we’ve divided the job in four parts… planning, design, markup and programming. as i am in charge of the programming part i am waiting and cursing (ha ha ha… in polite way) and writing this blog now.

i am eagerly wishing… i don’t have to write such ‘waiting diary’ anymore!

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