Security, Identity, And Compliance Services

Ensure your business's safety against various threats across devices, identities, applications, email, data, and cloud workloads.

Reliable Security, Identity & Compliance

Dropndot offers cloud security services that empower businesses to protect their data and help meet compliance standards. We understand that cloud security is a top priority for businesses, and security and compliance are crucial factors that impact customers’ trust in a company. That’s where Dropndot can help. Simply put, the cloud provides one of the most secure business environments.

Moreover, opting cloud is typically less expensive than maintaining an on-premises environment. While in a cloud environment, data security is a significant concern for companies utilizing cloud services, regardless of their size or industry. We ) prioritize security as their top job and take a proactive approach by integrating it into the infrastructure without relying on reactive third-party tools.

How Security Compliance Benefits Your Business

Although complying with cybersecurity standards may require a substantial investment of resources, the benefits of security compliance are undoubtedly worth it. By adhering to cybersecurity compliance, your organization can:

  • Enhance the security of your systems and data
  • Bolster your image and reputation among customers and stakeholders
  • Establish streamlined processes for monitoring and assessment
  • Avoid fines and legal repercussions
  • Enhance documentation and establish accountability.

To sum up, prioritizing security compliance can protect your business from cybersecurity threats and help you with sustainable growth and enhance your brand reputation in the long run.

How can Identity Services help?

Dropndot’s identity services help businesses of all sizes and capabilities address technical, logistical, operational, and talent concerns in the current Identity landscape. We recognize the need for an overarching plan in the market to maintain these needs, and we have built a multi-tiered model that is affordable, predictable, and compliant with all Identity and security standards. Besides, we go beyond the standard support and offer options for businesses to access our identity experts to help with more than just responding to tickets. With our identity solutions and services, you can access expertise to help you address your most sensitive and vital asset – your Identity program.

How can Identity Services help?

Our range of Security, Identity, and Compliance Services

Our range of Security, Identity, and Compliance Services

We factor identity/security solutions’ front-end, operations, user experience, time-to-market, reliability, and data trust.

We can cultivate customer loyalty and advocacy by prioritizing user personalization and data integrity.

Offer customers high-quality, diverse products and services, and retain customers.

DevSecOps integrates security into the development process to ensure continuous code safety.

Elevate your security posture with 360-degree protection while maintaining access and promoting safety.

Ensure comprehensive security across the pipeline with DevSecOps and implement defense-in-depth measures against persistent threats.

Why work with us

Top-notch expertise and credibility

At Dropndot, we provide our customers exceptional value by leveraging our diverse technology expertise and competencies, including cloud migration & transformation and comprehensive operational security. We opt for a holistic approach to identity and security modernization and ensure systems are secure and aligned with your business objectives.

We offer cloud-based cybersecurity and utilize efficient IAM (Identity and Access Management) tools that enable your team and customers to work, shop and participate from anywhere without compromising the security of your services. Working with Dropndot, you can rest assured that your data is secure and that your systems are equipped with the latest technologies to keep your business running smoothly.

Eliminating the Security Barrier to Cloud Adoption

Achieving cloud uplift and maturity demands more than mere integration and application development to ensure security compliance and safeguarding against cyber threats. Our security solutions cover infrastructure and applications, adhere to strict compliance and governance standards, follow Zero Trust principles, and address the security and identity requirements gap. Our team embeds security measures in all customer transformation projects and ensures secure environments in every operation we run.

Working with Dropndot, you can trust that our focus on security is inherent to everything we do, from the beginning of your transformation journey to ongoing operations.

Addressing the Business Drivers for IAM Modernization

Today’s macro trends, including Zero Trust and the protection of Privileged Access, an increasing emphasis on identity-driven customer experiences, and the productivity benefits of Enterprise IAM in a Work-From-Anywhere world, have made it crucial to adopt a modern approach to IAM. At Dropndot, our IDAM (Identity and Access Management) expertise empowers our customers to seize market opportunities while complying with all necessary compliance and security protocols. By leveraging our IDAM solutions, our customers can achieve significant cost savings and generate revenue by maximizing the potential of their businesses. Our modern approach to IAM ensures that businesses can securely operate in today’s ever-evolving digital landscape.

Security by design

Regarding cloud architecture, it’s essential to differentiate between security capabilities during the build phase and security best practices during the run phase. As a reliable security service provider, Dropndot uses a Site Reliability Engineering approach to proactively identify and optimize your threat detection, response, and incident management capabilities in real time.

The Agile Process to Achieve your Business Goal

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