Support And Maintenance Services

We offer impeccable and flawless support and maintenance services, from website to application, to server maintenance so you achieve sustainable growth for your business.

Website Maintenance Services

Our web maintenance services aim to keep websites secure and up-to-date with the latest requirements. Our in-house team assists our clients with day-to-day updates, issues related to SSL certificates, content management, e-commerce solutions, site speed, and more. Our site maintenance services cover various platforms, including Custom PHP, Shopify, Drupal, WordPress, and others. We offer various solutions, including maintenance and upgrade services and technical support, to ensure immediate and sustained revenue streamline.

Application support and maintenance services

Dropndot provides on-demand application support services to ensure the uninterrupted operation of business applications. Our team uses the latest tools and techniques to monitor software, identify potential threats and vulnerabilities, and optimize system performance. In addition to providing application support, we work with clients to design and implement a tailored disaster recovery strategy so that clients can quickly recover critical systems and data in the event of an outage. Dropndot’s goal is to provide comprehensive support services, allowing customers to focus on their core business activities. At the same time, our experts take care of system applications, providing a secure and efficient platform for smooth business operations.

Application support and maintenance services

Server Maintenance Support

Dropndot provides preventive server maintenance and monitoring to ensure uninterrupted data, software, and applications access. When you take our service, our team evaluates your IT infrastructure and recommends the best maintenance solutions so you can keep your business afloat 24x7x365. We are experts at troubleshooting and repairing complex issues across multiple platforms. Besides, our expert server engineers perform periodic inspections, identify issues, and offer support to find resolutions. On top of that, they also implement preventative measures to ensure infrastructures remain operational to their fullest capacity.

Our Services Cover Key Aspects of Support and Maintenance

Client Contact & Support

The IT support and maintenance team at Dropndot is always ready to respond promptly to queries and requests and prevent potential catastrophes before happening.

System/platform/server Operation Monitoring

We consider ensuring proactive platform management crucial. As part of our services, we regularly monitor our clients’ platforms/servers for any suspicious activity and respond promptly.

Implementing Client’s Changes, Requests, and Requirements

As applications mature, change requests may arise. We take impromptu steps to modify the software, ensuring it remains secure and operates smoothly.

Effectiveness & enhancements optimization

Making small, incremental changes is the best approach to maintenance, rather than large-scale overhauls. Regularly fine-tuning technology can enhance the effectiveness and optimize applications, leading to a longer lifespan.

System/Platform/Server Documentation Updates

We provide comprehensive documentation for all our website/software/server projects, detailing our steps and the reasons behind them. This approach helps minimize the time required to orient new team members and delivers more excellent value to our clients.We provide comprehensive documentation for all our website/software/server projects, detailing our steps and the reasons behind them. This approach helps minimize the time required to orient new team members and delivers more excellent value to our clients.

Our Approach to maintenance & Support Services

In today’s complex business ecosystem, it’s essential to take a wholesome approach to support and maintenance services, so we go everywhere to ensure the clients are happy to take the relationship long-term. We strictly follow best practices to uphold our clients’ commitment.

The adaptive maintenance approach indicates slight tweaks to keep an application fully functional. We adhere to this approach for platforms with outdated code bases or built with older frameworks. Adaptive maintenance is crucial to keep such platforms relevant in an ever-changing tech landscape.

Corrective maintenance is essential for addressing issues that arise for legacy software, such as service outages or other issues. Although it’s not ideal, responding promptly to such incidents is crucial in maintaining your customers’ trust.

We also consider enhancing a functional application crucial in staying ahead of the competition. Making minor changes in unexpected areas can increase responsiveness and user satisfaction, giving you an edge in the market.

Anticipating and avoiding potential crises is more efficient and cost-effective than repairing them after they occur. Dropndot addresses issues, identifies vulnerabilities and proactively resolves them before they impact your users.


Why should you choose Dropndot, especially when there are a lot of other support and maintenance service providers in the industry? Well, here are some facts that set us apart from others.

Passionate Team:

We have a passionate team of expert support and maintenance professionals who are always on their toes to solve unique problems, whether they are on your website, application, or server. Our team is full of problem solvers and will leave no stone unturned to ensure that clients receive high-quality services and solutions.

Incredible Customer Service:

We pride ourselves on providing incredible customer service to our clients. Our team is always ready to help and support clients, providing timely and practical solutions to their issues.

Proactive Approach:

Our team takes a proactive approach to website/application/server support and maintenance. We monitor systems in real-time, identify potential issues, and take the necessary measures to address them before they become a threat or catastrophe.

Prompt Response:

We understand the importance of timely solutions to our clients’ issues and always respond quickly to their requests. Our team works round the clock to ensure that clients receive prompt solutions and support for their software and application issues.

247 Availability:

We offer 247 availability to our clients, ensuring they receive support and solutions to their issues whenever needed. We understand that website/ application, or server issues can occur anytime, and we are always available to offer support and solutions to our clients.

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