you can say, happy birthday!

you can say, happy birthday!
June 6, 2011 by Dropndot Solutions |
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The day was 11 June and the year was 2010… it’s a long year! The day was not a working day but a starting/entering day of dropndot office. So it is our first anniversary of dropndot and you can say, “happy birthday!”. Today It is Jun 11 2011 a working day at dropndot so we all are working silently. We are here sitting on a comfortable chair, typing on a laptop, staying in a cool room and these all are owned by dropndot. Though the day one year before, there was nothing except five hearts of confidence.

The celebration began in our hearts and we wanted to be loud. But there is a little problem which probably will allow us to invite you here and offer you a piece of cake with a glass of drinks in delay. Don’t be disappointed, because we really owe you a treat.

Finally it was a small but happy journey with all of our code warriors, designers and sales guys.

The celebration began in our hearts and we wanted to be loud

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